New Year's Eve in Gorki?!

Musikalisches Line-up:

23:00 ♪ Barış 
00:30 ♫ Alexander Lorz
02:00 ♬ Dapayk
03:30 ♪ Pegah
05:00 ♫ Berghson

21:00 ♪ Kaiser Souzai
22:30 ♫ Sawatzki & Schönmoser
00:30 ♬ Barış
01:30 ♪ Afagh Irandoost
03:00 ♫ Antiego
04:30 ♬ Channel X
06:00 ♪ Barış

LICHTSAAL: Nesstor, Pegah & Emino

2016. A year which, like every other, will pass on into the annals of history, and yet, will not fail leave its mark on us. And now our maxim is that it's all the more important to take action, which we follow with a party-proof example and, without false modesty: Welcome to our palace of culture on the old fortress moat.

For this turn of the year, we're handing over the cultural integrity of our venerable state theatre to the Berlin party avant-garde and opening all, no really, all of our gates. The seats will be removed from the main theatre, the stage will become the DJ-pulpit, the foyer a live-performance-parcours, the canteen the heart of the resistance, and the garden will be devoted to culinary delights around a crackling camp fire, midnight fireworks included.

Our line-up ignites the night with sound artist Dapayk, electric violinist Sawatzki, Afagh Irandoost, Antiego, Dede (Rise), Berghson, a very special Secret Act and much more. We'll provide for every inclination while our dear Suzan sways with her 'göbek' (Turkish: belly) in ecstasy. So start activating your inner Gorki. Because this, dear friends, is what a theatre looks like!

And we also have confetti.