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The Foreskin of my Heart

Director Sapir Heller
With Tamer Arslan and Marina Frenk
Text / dramaturgy Sasha Marianna Salzmann

"Jewish women like to eat foreskins. To bear sons. That makes them fruitful. And so no other woman can eat your son's foreskin to get herself a son, you have bury it in the front yard of the synagogue."Tamer Arslan burrows in the earth in front of a synagogue. Since his foreskin was lost, he has not been able to sleep. Until God appears to him in the form of Sapirushka Hellerovitsch, and she is absolutely not of the opinion that Jews should share their foreskins with Muslims ...


By and withTobias Herzberg
Amenities Marcus Karkhof
Dramaturgy Dustin Hofmann

feygele (plural feygeles) - Yiddish:

1. A male who is or who is thought to be homosexual.
2. A very young girl.
3. (dated) A little bird. (

The English term "faggot" dates back to the Yiddish term "feygele", which originally meant "birds". The Yiddish feathered creature then became a slur in English, and later a proud battle cry of gay subculture. Tobias Herzberg is queer and cis, Jewish and German and lives in Switzerland. 

In his lecture performance FEYGELE he researches Jewish identity constructions from a queer perspective. It's about the body, belonging and exclusion, about decisions - and about "celestial heavens", to quote Walter Benjamin. It is as much a choice to be religious as it is a choice to be a queer.

This production was made possible with the kind support of the Schauspielhaus Zurich.

Fuck you Moldova!

By and with Marina FrenkAnton Berman and Kostia Rapoport

Ensemble member Marina Frenk, born in Moldova when it was still Soviet, has Russian-Jewish roots and has lived in Europe since childhood. To not be Moldovan, not really German, Russian or Jewish, also means to her to be a person without to be nationality. What then, if one basically came into the world as a foreigner?