WE ARE HERE! – 2nd Roma Biennale

My Song is a Silent Teardrop sometimes


Objects, Installations, Video Works, Photos and Soundscapes by Edis Galushi, Krzysztof Gil, Kristóf Horváth, Charles Newland, Nihad Nino Pušija and Emília Rigová

How can the stories, lives and realities of the Roma in Europe be told and presented in all their diversity? This question serves as an overarching theme for the exhibition taking place within the 2nd Roma Biennale, gathering together photo series and video art by Emília Rigová, an installation by Krzysztof Gil, soundscapes by Edis Galushi, Kristóf Horváth and Charles Newland, as well as photographs by Nihad Nino Pušija. »We are here«, posits the 2nd Roma Biennale. But who's really listening? To the songs, the stories, the truths? Even now, the songs of the Roma are often »a silent tear«, to quote the Polish Roma poet Papusza. This exhibition invites you to listen, observe and immerse yourself: The silent tear could be yours.