The fate of derelict industrial towns seems universal – vast neglected spaces that, for a lack of authorities' imagination, remain unused; high unemployment rates and disoriented identities. In 1892, outdated, written-off machines owned by Austrian factories were brought to a small town in central Bosnia and the »Eisen und Stahlgewerkschaft Zenica« was founded. This later became known as Željezara Zenica (Zenica Ironworks) – the most significant industrial symbol in former Yugoslavia. The play My Factory, directed by Selma Spahić, is based on the book of the same title by Selvedin Avdić, an intimate monograph of the town and its ironworks. A relationship so special that the citizens of Zenica started calling the factory »Mother«. However, in the last decades that saw its biggest production boost (and pollution) they vehemently hated it. This play portrays Zenica through a story of its origins.

In Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian with English surtitles

With Benjamin Bajramović, Lana Delić, Saša Handžić, Anđela Ilić, Predrag Jokanović, Sabina Kulenović, Adis Mehanović, Selma Mehanović, Miroljub Mijatović, Nusmir Muharemović, Zlatan Školjić, Miki Trifunov, Siniša Vidović, Snežana Vidović

A guest performance from the Bosnian Nationatheatre Zenica.

Poster: Kenan Zekić
Stage photos: Muhamed Tunović Badi / Velija Hasanbegović

Im Rahmen des 6. Berliner Herbstsalon 2023 LOST – YOU GO SLAVIA 

Based on the book of
Selvedin Avdić
Directed by
Selma Spahić


Stage + Costumes