Missy Magazine live: Neue Feministische Allianzen gegen Rechts

With Andreas Kemper, Karen Taylor, Anne Wizorek

Presentation Margarita Tsomou Graphic Recording Jana Kreisl


Live-Stream | Social Media #FemAlliances


Missy Magazine invites you to a strategic discussion: How can we oppose the Antifeminism of the New Right? New right-wing, explicitly anti-feminist forces want to reverse the historical social achievements of recent years. Once again, the traditional nuclear family is being positioned as the »fundamental unit of the nation«. In response, women, LGBTQI people, and People of Colour organised Women's Marches in the United States to counter this societal backlash in solidarity. How can we here react to exclusionary policies? Which new alliances are possible? Which strategies have proven  themselves?


With friendly support of Rosa-Luxemburg-Stiftung