Monotheistic religions - whether Islam, Christianity or Judaism - face serious challenges with the rights of women, queers and trans*people. Due to social debates about the (non-)compatibility of women's emancipation and Islam, Missy will ask more precisely: Welcome to a debate on the position of women and queers in religions! What about gender roles and the love of the Gods? How could religious practice offer more rights and freedom to women, queers and trans*persons? Is it still reasonable to understand religion as vehicle that creates social cohesion and enables participation nowadays?
This is discussed by Missy editor Margarita Tsomou together with three religion and gender experts from activism, social work and science. The artist Joris Bas Backer will use graphic recording to illustrate the discussion.

As always with Missy Magazine Live, the event will be streamed online:

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All viewers in the hall or at home can join in via hashtag and join in the discussion on the social media wall.

An event by Studio Я and Missy Magazine