Missy Magazine Live - 100 years after Rosa Luxemburg

Feminism and social class in politics

With Doris Achelwilm, Emilia Roig, Alex Wischnewski 
Moderation Margarita Tsomou

One hundred years ago, in January 1919, Rosa Luxemburg was murdered in Berlin, just a few days before women’s suffrage was put into practice. What is the status of women’s political empowerment today? This question is at the centre of Missy Magazine publisher Margarita Tsomou’s discussion with three guests from academia, media and politics.
The artist Jana Kreisl will use graphic recording to illustrate the discussion.

All viewers in the hall or at home can join in via the hashtag #FemAlliances and join in the discussion on the social media wall.

Editor Social Media: Lara Jacobi

Livestream | Social Media: #FemAlliances

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