Mely Kiyak hat Kunst

Mely Kiyak hat Kunst | 3

»ich habe keine angst. ich habe gar nichts.«

Mely Kiyak hat Kunst is the title of a new series at the Gorki. Because when we are at our most heartbroken, that is precisely the right time for honour and beauty. Art can point out, reveal, amuse, take us to highs and lows, but it doesn’t have to. Art doesn’t have to do anything. That is what makes it sublime and free. Our theatre columnist will invite her artist friends and those that she admires. Every evening is a goodie bag. 
The guest for the second edition of the conversation series will be Lütfiye Güzel, Germany’s foremost underground poet. No one else can sing of death, loss and gaps in a way that’s as fittingly frugal with words and powerful. Her merciless perspective on life is tender, her wit is apt and devilish. Lütfiye and Mely will read, discuss and, if need be, »sit on the edge of the bed and age into themselves.«

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Grafik: Deniz Keskin