Who is the subject of the GERMAN Constitution? In whose name does it speak? Who are »the people«? Who is »the
majority«? On the Day of German Unity we will conduct a performative test on the Basic Law in front of the Brandenburg Gate. The Brandenburg Gate is the symbol of the division of Germany into West and East, as well as its reunification. In a stress test, the object or material to be examined is exposed to extreme forces to check its resilience. The range for which safe use is ensured and at what point a failure should be anticipated are also determined. This testing method from economics, computer science and medicine can be applied in all areas of life. The computer or the heart is subjected to conditions that require maximum effort to test how long it can withstand the stress. How much blood can the heart pump through the body? At what point does the computer crash? Which conditions push the system or the organism to the limits of its functionality?