Live stream: Belarus! Das weibliche Gesicht der Revolution

6/December 3PM


With Tina Wünschmann, Yaraslava Ananka, Marina Naprushkina and Julia Cimafiejeva

Revolution means: afterwards, nothing is the same as it was before. It’s already clear that this is the situation in Belarus – no matter how the uprising ends, Belarus has presented a new face to the world. And this Eastern European country has shown that the revolution has a woman’s face. Women are setting the tone, women are at the forefront, women are shaping the forms of resistance.

The book Belarus! Das weibliche Gesicht der Revolution, which has just been published by edition.fotoTAPETA, unites different voices of protest. Editor Tina Wünschmann and authors Marina Naprushkina, Yaraslava Ananka and Julia Cimafiejeva talk about the new democracy movement in Belarus and the role of women in it.