Landschaften des Krieges

Landschaften des Krieges

Ein begehbarer Bild-Klang-Essay

Wars are fought over land, the process of occupying, the building of checkpoints and fences, the flying of flags and resettling of people: the Earth's image is marked by the wars that have taken place on its surface. Often decades after the war is over, landscapes remain the silent witnesses of war and conflict, the war changes the structure of a region, inscribes itself on the landscape. 

For OpenCampus the Düsseldorf-based photographers Stefan Hostettler and Stefan Schneider turn their attention to war's structural changes to landscapes. Hostettler's pictures tell of violence and wounds in a quiet, unspectacular way. Schneider employs his home town of Düsseldorf in many of his works. In his work for OpenCampus, he deals with Düsseldorf's Heinefeld, which was occupied by the Belgians and French as a result of the First World War. 

Hostettler's pictures of ongoing conflicts, wars of the recent past and zones of political tension meet Schneider's specific analysis of an inconspicuous place on the Rhine and its history. An essay exhibition in the Gorki foyer.

Exhibition: 6th and 8.-11. May
17.00 - 19.30 o'clock
and after the performance!

Directed by
Stefan Hostettler