Kosmos_Grada Kilomba_Maxim Gorki Theater

Kosmos² Labor #5: Activism

Spaces can be interrupted, appropriated, and transformed through artistic and discursive practices, creating new configurations of power and knowledge. Kosmos², a series of talks, wants to transform concepts of knowledge by inviting artists, thinkers and activists, who found themselves forced to flee their homes, cross borders, and become refugees, and who come to occupy this space with their expertise, work and knowledge.

Artistic, cultural, and academic spaces have revealed a serious inadequacy to relate not only with the »post-colonial condition« but also with their subjects, discourses, perspectives, narratives, and knowledges. Once configurations of power are dismantled, consequently configurations of knowledge also need to be deconstructed: Kosmos² is to be seen as a performative space where discourse, arts, theory and politics merge on stage – what Grada Kilomba refers to as »Performing Knowledge«.

The title of this series Kosmos² recalls a historical reality: in the 19th century Alexander von Humboldt held his famous Kosmos lectures in the Berliner Singakademie – today’s Maxim Gorki Theater, after a series of expeditions to South America. His major project was to classify and categorize the world, contributing to the common colonial discourse. 200 years later, we want to transform this historically charged space into a space of emancipative knowledge production, where those who have been made objects become subjects, and where marginalized knowledges 
become central and accessible. In Kosmos², the author, theorist and interdisciplinary artist Grada Kilomba will be in conversation with several artists who provide an insight into their work.

An evening dedicated to activism and to the questions of how to link artistic practices with political activism and gender politics. Grada Kilomba will be in conversation with the Kenyan activist Elizabeth Ngari and founder of Women in Exile and the activist, actor Hamze Bytyci, born in former Yugoslavia, and founder of RomaTrial e.V.

Kuratiert von Grada Kilomba in Zusammenarbeit mit dem Studio Я des Maxim Gorki Theaters. Die Vorlesungsreihe KOSMOS² findet in Zusammenarbeit mit der Allianz Kulturstiftung statt.


Hamze Bytyci