Kosmos mit Grada Kilombaa

Kosmos² Labor #12 Photography

Grada Kilomba's series of artist talks intends to create new configurations of power and knowledge. Artists who were forced to leave home, cross borders, give us an insight into their work, re-thinking artistic practices and politicalinterventions. This month KOSMOS² will be dedicated to #12 PHOTOGRAPHY. With the artists Muhammed Lamin Jadama (Gambia) and Krishan Rajapakshe (Sri Lanka), we will explore the importance of visual documentation and the ability of creating alternative worlds through images.


We will stream the talk on http://www.gorki.de/de/livestream-kosmos2-labor-12-photography | 


Die Reihe Kosmos² wird gefördert von der Allianz Kulturstiftung und kuratiert von Grada Kilomba in Zusammenarbeit mit dem Studio Я.

Photo: Esra Rotthoff