Bosko Djordjevic
Bosko Djordjevic
Bosko Djordjevic
Bosko Djordjevic
Bosko Djordjevic


There are some stories from real life that immediately suggest themselves as a potent subject for a stage play. Such is the story from 2014 of a so-called »collective pregnancy« in Bosnia and Herzegovina when seven 13-year-old girls returned from a school excursion pregnant. The girls faced judgment and repulsion from almost every part of society – their parents, teachers, doctors, the church, and the media. They were silenced and treated as if it was a moral failure on their part that they didn’t have access to adequate sex education reproductive health care. They did not speak about their situation in public, but seemingly, everyone else spoke about them. In All Adventurous Women Do dramatist, Tanja Šljivar focuses on the gap between generations, and the consequences of neglecting the youth by the aging generations. While raising the question of the burden and responsibility ascribed to the youth Bosnian director Selma Spahić and the cast show the extent of the neglect and silencing of young people in the region.

In Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian with English surtitles

Mit Milica Mihajlović, Ana Mandić, Jelena Stupljanin, Ermin Bravo, Marko Grabež, Marta Bjelica, Manja Aleksić, Vera Jovanović

Opening in English by the dramaturge Dimitrije Kokanov.

Q&A in English with Selma Spahić (director), Tanja Šljivar (author), Dimitrije Kokanov (dramaturge).

A guest performance from Theater Atelje 212 Belgrade.

Foto: Bosko Djordjevic

Part of 6. Berliner Herbstsalon 2023 LOST – YOU GO SLAVIA 




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