Journey/ Drom_Maxim Gorki Theater


The route from the Serbian city of Novi Sad to Berlin was for years the only way out systematic exclusion and poverty for many Roma from the Balkans. But since the classification of the Balkan states as a supposedly "safe", their chance of asylum in Germany is as good as none. For many who are caught between between desperation in Eastern Europe and rejection in Germany, how can a normal, decent life still be possible?

The Journey / DROM is a collaborative project by Roma and non-Roma artists from Serbia, Hungary, Romania and Germany. By collecting and presenting true stories of Roma asylum seekers on the so-called Balkan Route, it explores the poetics and politics of the being “On the Move” (Ando Drom) and illuminates what makes Roma identity and culture today.

The artistic result takes the form of a sensationalist TV show, full of satire, black humor and a touch of chaos.    

From and with: Hamze Bytyci, Mihaela DrăganKristóf Horváth , Branislav MitrovicPéter Zoltán Ónodi, Brina Stinehelfer, and introducing Liou van de Havel

Artistic Direction Brina Stinehelfer Music M & M Dramaturgy Dina Dooreman, Veronika Patočková
Photos Nihad Nino Pušija Video Zack Helwa, Tal Siano Technical Direction Tilman Agueras Press Sarah Rosenau / MACCS
Production Milan Vracar (Kulturanova), Barna Petrányi (Pro Progressione), Nikolaus Schneider (Per Aspera, e.V.) Veronika Patočková (Roma Trial, e.V.) PR Sarah Rosenau / MACCS


Hamze Bytyci

Kristóf Horváth