If Something Like This Exists,

If something like this exists, writing gathering

A writing gathering to practice collaborative thinking, to imagine fantasies, and to move our social and political horizons. This workshop is part of Giuliana Kiersz’s ongoing project Writing gatherings, that aims to open sensitive, political spaces in which to reflect on, as well as create a multilingual and collective work. Investigating our relationship with language – revealing inherited forms of storytelling,  transforming how we name our territories and ourselves – we practice writing as a way to allow a sensitive knowledge to arise from listening, drawing, and thinking together. 

No previous experience is required and each participant is invited to write in the language they feel most comfortable in. On Saturday April 23rd, we will work as a closed group. On Sunday April 24th the space will be open for the audience to respond to the piece. Participants do not have to join the workshop on both days.

Without Registration. Walk-in/Open Door Situation
Meeting point: Gorki Kiosk
In English