Ich bin Bulgare?! / Bananenkind

By and with Vidina Popov Support Theatrical Equipment Christine Ruynat Dramaturgic collaboration Yunus Ersoy Live Music Mark Badur

In her solo performance, Gorki ensemble actress Vidina Popov weaves together interviews, documents and encounters into an entertaining, rapid-fire investigation of the concept of Heimat (roughly: homeland). She examines its loss, the cliches attached to that and what happens when a person arrives in a new place.
With biting wit, she exposes common mechanisms and points out how deceptive assumptions about others, and oneself, can be. The facets that she invokes range from the young Romnja that wants to become a superstar in Vienna, through the intellectuals that only discover a pride in their old Heimat after they've moved to Austria, to one narrator that navigates back and forth between the worlds.

By and with Hanh Mai Thi Tran Theatrical Equipment Christine Ruynat Dramaturgy Yunus Ersoy Dramaturgic collaboration Nastasja Rauch Assistant to the director Marta Witak

There's only one place for Vietnamese people in German society: bent over the stove at a restaurant, because »good foreigners« are invisible and take on strenuous work for low wages. As an actress, however, Dresden-native Hanh Mai Thi Tran is as visible as possible and speaks about everyday racism, engagements that only envisage her in servant roles, and the strangeness of her parents' culture.