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Radio Corel presents: The interactive talkshow in the Hilton-Zimmer 437 by Hamze Bytyci

While many volunteers are giving support to refugees, the German government’s new draft law sets out numerous measures, which will further disenfranchise anddiscriminate against them. What’s more, the division between “good refugees” who mostly come from Syria and other war zones, and “bad refugees” who come from the Balkans, is thus being established. But what are the “right” reasons for being let in? Hamze Bytyci invites Rudko Kawczynski, civil rights activists and active member of several Roma organizations, to discuss these questions. 70% information, 30% show. 

HAMZE BYTYCI, born 1982 in Kosovo, lives and works in Berlin. He is a co-founder of the organisations Amaro Drom and RomaTrial, whose aim is to support and create networks of young Sinti and Roma through cultural projects, and work at schools to lower prejudices.