Gorki Statement

There was and is no German-language state theatre that has carried out a revolution with the same radical courage.
The theatre is a symbol of home for those who were previously homeless in the theatre business, for queer people, BIPoC, migrants, anarchists, feminists, political activists and above all for a radical diverse audience.
Here, what was previously hidden in German-language theatre became visible – the diversity of the world.
Even after years, the Gorki and its way of thinking theatre is still a model for a change that is slowly taking place everywhere.
The change in power structures has been the new challenge also in our theatre for the last year and a half.

If employees were verbally attacked, not noticed and disappointed, we take this seriously. That is why we have been for over a year on an ongoing search for solutions to overcome system and structure-immanent mistakes and to prevent personal misconduct.
We are hopeful and determined to create something new by learning from mistakes. A togetherness on an equal footing of all artists and staff at the state theatre.

We believe that the Gorki can reinvent itself and rebuild trust.

We trust in the power and vision of the Gorki Theatre. 

Members of the ensemble / the artistic advisory board / the artistic director