Ute Langkafel, Galerie MAIFOTO

Gespräch zur Lage der Theater in Ungarn

In collaboration with Theater der Zeit

On April 8 parliamentary elections will take place in Hungary. It is obvious that the ruling Fidesz party – led by Viktor Orbán – has succeeded in making a major transformation of Hungarian society and poisoning the political public. No matter what the outcome of the elections will be. Theaters and theater makers are also affected by these transformations.
Dömötör and the Hungarian theaterstudies expert Tamás Jászay will be our guests on March 29th. Together with TdZ author Thomas Irmer, they will talk about the situation in Hungary and its impact on the local theater and dance scene.
In the next edition, Theater der Zeit will focus on developments in Hungary. Among others will appear essays from director András Dömötör, whose piece "Mephistoland" is printed in this issue, as well as the director Árpád Schilling, who was officially declared as "public enemy" some time ago.
The discussion starts at 19 o'clock in the Lichtsaal, admission to this event is free. Afterwards, András Dömötörs "Mephistoland" will be shown at 20:30 in the Studio Я.