Don Kîxot

Gastspiel: Don Kîxot

Şanoya Bajêr a Amedê (Amed Şehİr Tİyatrosu)

Actors from the Amed Municipal Theater and director Ferhad Feqî use the famous work of Cervantes to search for their own Don Quixote and Sancho Panza. The Municipal Theater of Diyarbakır, which had been performing plays in Kurdish since 2003, was dissolved in 2016 after the AKP deposed the elected Kurdish mayor and now continues its work as an independent theater under the name Şanoya Bajêr a Amedê. The guest performance in Berlin is the start of their tour in Germany.

Based on Miguel de Cervantes
Director Ferhad Feqî
With Şîlan Alagöz, Özcan Ateş, Şahabettin Dağ, Berfin Emektar, Özkan Şeker, Dicle Güneş Yavuz

Photo: Özkan Küçük