Frankophone Realitäten

Francophone Realities

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Francophone authors are presenting us with their image of France: the first generation of Algerian immigrants having philosophical discussions in a home about the winter of life;couples that have fled from dirty Istambul to blissful glorious  France to find themselves sleeping under bridges; wealthy people enjoying the human safari in war zones. Nasser Djemaï, Aiat Fayez, Sedef Ecer, Marie-Louise Mumbu and Sonia Ristic travelled to Berlin for the readings of their plays to discuss with us similarities and differences of the marginaliszation and the Status Quo in France and Germany.  

PresentationDeniz Utlu
Concept:Leyla-Claire RabihFrank Weigand
Assistent director:Yasmina Bellounar
Stage design: Jule Heidelbach

 Fr 21st FEB 20:30 

Am Rand
by Sedef Ecer
German Translation by Katinka Vahle
Stage Design Mizgin Bilmen
With Mehmet AteşçiAnastasia GubarevaMarleen LohseRuth ReineckeAram Tafreshian  

Geschwister im Leerlauf
by Marie-Louise "Bibish" Mumbu
German Translation by Georgia Doll
Stage Design Georgia Doll 
With Isabelle Redfern 

Followed by an open discussion with the authors

Sa 22nd FEB 20:30 

by Nasser Djemaï
German Translation by Leyla-Claire Rabihand Frank Weigand
Stage Design Leyla-Claire Rabih
With Adolfo AssorRuth ReineckeTaner ŞahintürkPeter von StrombeckAram TafreshianMehmet Yılmaz 

Holiday Inn 
by Sonia Ristic
German Translation by Frank Weigand
Stage Design Leyla-Claire Rabih
With Sesede Terziyan

by Aiat Fayez
German Translation by Claudius Lünstedt 
Stage Design Georgia Doll
With Pia-Micaela Barucki, Anastasia GubarevaDaniel KahnCynthia MicasTaner ŞahintürkAram Tafreshian

Followed by an open discussion with the authors
Party to Cheikha Lila und DJane Sabzee

Francophone Realities is taking place in the frame of the launch of the book from Scène 16, publishing-house Theater der Zeit. 

An event of the Bureau du Théâtre et de la Danse/ Instutut Français Deutschland and the Maxim Gorki Theatre in Berlin in cooperation with Theater der Zeit, Bureau du Québec à Berlin/QuébecGovernment representation, Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec Montréal.