Florida! You Kill Me!

Florida! You Kill Me!

Florida! You Kill Me! is a one-woman theater event by Drag-artist, Nana Schewitz, in collaboration with Philadelphia-based writer and filmmaker, Josh Walker. 
This new show follows the 96-year-old Nana Schewitz (although most would assume she’s only a dainty 69) on her journey back to her ancestral home of South Florida to find a slice of retirement paradise. The Jewish drag queen finds her way back to her tropical roots (as is tradition in the Jewish faith,) but learns a chilling truth about her mystical homeland. There's a sinister reason why all South Floridians are dying, and it involves more than synthetic drugs, gun violence and alligators. Nana Schewitz must redefine her ideas of Paradise in order to survive her sunset years in the Sunshine State.

In English

Content Note: The show will feature talk of sexual content and drug use

By and with
Nana Schewitz