female shit

Feygele + Female shit

Tobias Herzberg and Orit Nahmias invite you to a double feature about sex – and its consequences! First, Tobias Herzberg a.k.a. Feygele will play on the keyboard of sexual escapism. With a grand gesture he strips all labels from himself: gay, Jewish, German, romantic, nymphomaniac and uncircumcised. A militant hymn to the perverted and endangered of this and all possible worlds. 
Orit Nahmias will go on with Female Shit: Coming from Israel, she appears on the stage not as »the Jew« nor »the Israeli«, but as a sex symbol! Loud and dirty she talks about her pathetic efforts to be a successful actress, a mother and an »Ausländerin« in Berlin. Female Shit and Feygele are productions of Studio Я


Photo: Esra Rotthoff