The Story of one turkish-armenian-german family from 1915 to 2015 Danceperformance by Çıplak Ayaklar Kumpanyası Istanbul und Theater Freiburg. By and with Anna Böger, Duygu Güngör, Viola Hasselberg, Mihran Tomasyan

Two dancers and an actress have a picnic together. As a blanket: a historic family photo from 1928, taken near Istanbul. The grandparents and great-grandparents of the three actors appear along with theirstories and run rampant into the present. They all talk about the formative experiences of escape, expulsion or emigration and the fragile handicraft work on a homeland. A very personal evening in which a century from 1915 to 2015 appears with its collapses and wars, with its paradises and most shameful infernos. Based on a »familytree«, the three performers tell a story of their grandparents' losses and survival strategies, of questions about their own identities and of personal and political upheavals.


Production Management


Mihran Tomasyan