Dance theatre piece from Sebastian Nübling and Ives Thuwis

Premiere: 12.09.2014
Final show: 08.07.2015 (Currently no tickets available)

Ten young men, a stage made of 70 tonnes of sand. In FALLEN, ten actors question forms of violence in the public sphere and concepts of masculinity. Images composed of sand, bodies and sounds emerge: they tell the young men’s anger, powerlessness and longings. What kind of role does violence play in our communities? How is it discharged? Does it grow on the edges of our society or does it arise in its core? 

A dance theatre project against the resistance of matter from Sebastian Nübling, Gorki in-house director, and choreographer Ives Thuwis, initiated by news coverage of violence in Berlin.

FALLEN and its comprehensive Theatre in Education activities and workshops are generously supported by the Mercator Foundation.

Directed by
Sebastian Nübling
Directed by
Ives Thuwis


Stage design