´61 – ´91 – ´21: Immer wieder Deutschland

Fahrräder könnten eine Rolle spielen

In November 2012, Fahrräder könnten eine Rolle spielen (Bicycles Could Play a Role) premiered at the Ballhaus Naunynstraße. It focuses on a poorly paid subcontractor named Andreas as he travels all throughout Germany and records all sorts of things along the way. Because Andreas suffers from a rare psychological anomaly: hyperthymesia, or a perfect memory. Pieces of information and impressions that would otherwise land in the shredder or be repressed remain in his head always. When his girlfriend introduces him to some national-minded acquaintances, they come up with plans to get the big money. But then Andreas’ total recall sucks everyone into a ludicrous maelstrom.

Nine years after the premiere, Deniz Utlu retells Andreas’ story in a reading, followed by a conversation in which he discusses the writing process, as well as societal developments then and now. 

We will also broadcast the event via livestream.