An action by Centre for Political Beauty

With: Angela Merkel (confirmed) as Hasso Herschel and Joachim Gauck (confirmation pending) as Harry Seidel, who once built an escape tunnel on behalf of the CDU.

The wall did not disappear, it just moved. Into the Mediterranean. Terms like "refugees", "displaced persons" and "migrants" fail to reflect the experiences that shattered the history, present and future of those so labelled. Die Verwundeten (The Casualties) is the latest action from the Zentrum für politische Schönheit (Centre for Political Beauty), and addresses the low point of European foreign policy, the heights of reunification and the attempt to give infinity to the dead. The last hope for humanity in Europe. 
The Zentrum für politische Schönheit stands for political action art. In 2014 the group caused controversy with their so-called “Kindertransporthilfe des Bundes” (Federal Children's Transport Aid): 55,000 Syrian children should have been enabled to enter Germany through this programme, which assumed the appearance of an auxiliary aid programme from the German government.

Premiere: November 15th, 2015