Die Armenier von Diyarbakır

The story of two"Diyarbakırler" and a concert with Şeyhmus Diken and Yervant Bostanci

Two friends, connected by a love for their hometown of Diyarbakır, meet in Berlin. As a connoisseur of Diyarbakır's history, politics and culture, Şeyhmus Diken recounts the life of Armenians in the Kurdish city: the day-to-day of Kurds and Armenians on the streets and in the Armenian quarter. And he talks about a return. Because, when the former mayor of Diyarbakır asked the Armenians in the diaspora to return to their hometown, only the oud Player Udi Yervant Bostancı  answered the call. A story about the loss and rediscovery of a homeland.