Buchcover_Das Ende der Ehe

Das Ende der Ehe

Für eine Revolution der Liebe

Marriage in our society is sacrosanct. Despite its institutionalization, it’s mythicized and romanticized as the epitome of love. Marriage standardises relationships and families, controls sexuality, property and labour. It is an important pillar of capitalism and keeps us stuck in binary gender roles. In her brave and provocative book, Emilia Roig calls for an end to marriage. She questions the dominance of the couple and examines if it is possible to love men and simultaneously overthrow the patriarchy. In the end, an abolition of marriage would not only be a liberation for women, but everyone else as well. Because it is only then that we could rethink and live out love in freedom and on equal footing.

By and with
Emilia Roig
Teresa Bücker