Daniel Kahn & the painted birds

Daniel Kahn & The Painted Bird

BAFRAYUNG באַפֿרײַונג

A concert celebrating VE-Day by and with Christian Dawid (clarinet, saxophone), Daniel Kahn (Singer, accordion, piano, guitars, etc.), Hampus Melin (drums), Michael Tuttle (double bass)

Berlin’s own smugglers of the Yiddish-punk borderlands return home to Studio. Their original and adapted polyglot songs masterfully navigate the dichotomy between the political and the personal, the explosive and the corrosive. Featuring beautiful video projections and a killer live line-up (Christian Dawid, Daniel Kahn, Hampus Melin, Michael Tuttle and more), this cadre of klezmorim deliver revolutionary anthems for the apocalypse. Or apocalyptic anthems for the revolution. You decide!