»Because the container is an area that’s more open, more intimately connected to the audience, other formats can also be discovered and designed «—Shermin Langhoff

The Gorki has a new venue! A Container will be located on the square in front of the Maxim Gorki Theatre to serve as a third venue and new platform throughout two seasons. The reason for its creation is the long-overdue renovation of the mainstage—the overhead machinery will be renovated beginning in August, then the below-stage machinery will follow in 2020. The mainstage will open again at the beginning of September 2019.
The Container can house an audience of 199. And although this is only half the capacity of the Gorki’s main auditorium, the stage itself is the same size. The Container is 22 metres long, 12 metres wide and 9 metres high.

The Container’s programming includes new productions as well as transfers from the repertoire. Admission for productions in the container is 16 euro for all seats (concessions: 8 euro).

Photo: © Ute Langkafel