Foto von Vuk Vukmirovic

Želimir Žilnik

Želimir Žilnik (b. 1942; living and working in Novi Sad, Serbia) has written and directed numerous award-winning feature and documentary films. In 1969, Žilnik shot his first feature film, Early Works, which addresses the student demonstrations and the occupation of Czechoslovakia. It won the Golden Bear Award at the Berlin Film Festival and four prizes in the Yugoslav Film Festival of Pula.  His films focus on contemporary issues: social, political and economic assessments of everyday life such as in A Newsreel on Village Youth in Winter (1967), Little Pioneers (1968), The Unemployed (1968), June Turmoil (1968), Black Film (1971) and Uprising in Jazak (1972). Žilnik's recent films address problems concerning migration in Europe. Since 2006, he is a visiting lecturer at film schools in the USA, Slovenia and the UK.

Photo: Vuk Vukmirovic