SMATKA J Bartz herself isn’t entirely unknown. After teenage SMATKA had gained a foothold on the »Berlin Insane scene« with her punk-euro-trash-band SMATKA Molot, she took her seat in the time of the stormy indie-music-scene in London. Next to bands like Babyshambles, The Noisettes and Selfsh Cunt, SMATKA was renowned as »Germany’s kookiest export« (Bizarre Magazine). Soon after playing In The City in Manchester, now solo, SMATKA was named as »One to watch«, approved by CMU. Known for her sublime songs and electrifying shows »Arrived Magazine« wrote: »When a diva doesn’t know she is a diva (...) her vocal power excels 10,000 watts. (...) voices like this don’t come along often.«     
E D E N is not just SMATKA's debut - It is also a mesmerizing concept album. It describes the transit zone between heaven and earth, between dream and reality, between past and future, between instinctual sin and the false restraint of chastity. SMATKA fondly calls that place her own personal Eden.