Simonida Selimović

Simonida Selimović

Simonida Selimović, born in Serbia in 1979. Immigrated as a child together with her family to Austria; she speaks German, Romany, Serbian and English. Early on she began her career as an actress in film / television and theatre. She appeared in the children's series Operation Dunarea, in the film Ciao Cherie by Nina Kusturica and later at the Schauspielhaus Essen, among other engagements. In the theatre scene in Vienna, she often works together with Tina Leisch and her sister Sandra Selimović. In 2010 she and her sister founded Romano Svato, the first feminist and professional Roma theatre association, as well as Mindj Panther, where Simonida is active as a feminist rapper and activist against racism, and for equality for the Roma.

Photo: Esra Rotthoff


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