RENU, curator of the SPARK* festival, has launched her latest album They Dance in the Dark at Studio Я and will be featured at SPARK*2 alongside They Dance in the Dark to perform previously unreleased and new music.  
Originally a percussionist for several bands and genres - Grace Jones, State of Bengal, Fun _ da _ mental, Kevin Davy Jazz D ' semble, MIKA, Alabama 3, to name a few - she started producing her own music in 2010. 
For over two years RENU composed, produced and programmed They Dance in the Dark in her Holykuti studio, collaborating with artists from Ireland, Iraq, Pakistan, Germany, Great Britain, Jamaica, Iraq and Lebanon. To express her introvertism, RENU has worked with the philosophy of Indian tablas: The creation of great and infinite sounds through a minimal setting.
The height of the dark electronic anthems paired with an underlying postcolonial queer narrative. They Dance in The Dark is RENU's personal imprint of a queer musician in this queer world.