Nid & Sancy (Bart Demey/Tania Gallagher)

Multi-instrumentalist Bart Demey and transdisciplinary artist Tania Gallagher, probably best known as electronic duo Nid & Sancy have been composing music for theatre and screen since 2002. Their first joint work, an electronic music project and performance collective called Galacticamendum, catapulted them in the centre of attention by way of a series of mail art CDs sent anonymously to the national radio station Studio Brussels in Belgium. The program editors played the tracks for several months on a weekly basis, without any further info about the origins of the music. Subsequently, Demey and Gallagher were formally invited to step out of anonymity and conduct their first interview. It landed them their first shows at the major Pukkelpop festival in Belgium, presenting a performance that explored the boundaries between music, visual art, and performance. Since then they have created compositions for a number of theatre companies including Amsterdam based theatre company Dood Paard, De Onderneming, Eisbar, Cie DE KOE, Campo Victoria, Toneelhuis Antwerpen, NTGent, Krapp VZW and Schauspielhaus Bochum amongst others. 
In 2015 Demey and Gallagher were appointed as music directors of fashion label KTZ, led by Bjork swan dress designer Marjan Pejoski, a collaboration that is still ongoing today. In 2020 music from their Indonesian-inspired project Gamelan Voices was used in Iris Van Herpen’s  ‘Hypgnosis’ couture show in Paris. At the center of the work created by the couple, is a no holds barred search for the sounds they hear in their head. Whether it’s a quest to find cheap broken instruments to create the atmosphere of an apocalyptic ‘Post Europe’ for Benny Claessens piéce de resistance,  ‘White People’s Problems’, or traveling to Indonesia to record 5m bamboo drums in the middle of the jungle and studying the use of rituals in social situations for their Gamelan Voices project.