Natalia Graur (c) unbekannt

Natalia Graur

Natalia Graur (b. 1992) is a playwright and youth worker from the Republic of Moldova. 
She studied Literature in Cluj-Napoca, Romania, and Playwrighting in Targu-Mures, Romania. 
She works in Romania and Moldova. In her writing, she is interested in the overlaps and spaces between personal and political, physical vs. emotional vs. rationalized experiences, and abstract vs. embodied concepts. 
In 2018, as a resident at Macaz Theatre in Bucharest, she wrote the play for Fuckultate, a performance about the abuses in the art faculties in Romania. 
As a resident in Transnistria, Moldova, in 2020, she wrote the play A duty-free country, which she adapted into an audio performance. 
Natalia coordinates theatre and playwriting workshops for teenagers in Moldova and Romania. She creates spaces allowing participants to unfold their experiences, ask questions about themselves and the world, and transform their explorations in theater performances. 



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