Monika Zimmern

Monika Zimmering

Monika Zimmering was born in 1943 while her parents were living in exile in London. For decades she was a conference interpreter, translator and journalist in the GDR, work that often required her to travel far and wide. She wrote for newspapers and magazines in the GDR and in France, and translated radio plays as well. She worked at the largest daily paper for years and then as an editor at the GDR’s magazine for culture. She’s acted, sung and danced in works that engage with social issues on independent Berlin stages since 1992, and appeared in small film roles as well, for example in Aufstand der Alten, a three-part film for television, and in the role of Mamy in Acht Frauen in the TIK Boxhagener Straße. At the Gorki she appeared in Gender & ich in 2015 and has been in Atlas des Kommunismus since 2016. She’s also currently working as an actor on a film in production.  


Atlas des Kommunismus