Portrait_Maxim Didenko

Maxim Didenko

Maxim Didenko is theatrical director originally from St. Petersburg. Maxim has received numerous awards and nominations including Golden Mask, National Theatre Award, Golden Sophite, Sergey Kuryokin Award, GQ Award, Best Director of the ballet Der Mantel (The Overcoat) at St. Petersburg Theatre Awards for Young Artists, Best Artist Breakthrough 2014, Made in Russia Award. Since 2007 he has collaborated with the Russian Engineering Theatre Akhe and the Centre of Contemporary Art DAKH in Kyiv. In 2010 he organized »The Drystone Pro-Theatre Union« and celebrated several productions, performances and initiatives. His directing credits in Germany include: Schlachthof 5 (Slaughter House 5) (European Centre for The Arts, Hellerau, Dresden), 2020, Through the Ansichten eines Clowns (Eyes of a Clown) (National Theatre Mannheim), 2019, other European show includes Girl and Death (Tabernacle Theatre, London), 2018. His show Tschapajew and Pustota based on Viktor Pelevin’s novel Buddhas kleiner Finger (Buddha’s little finger) toured around Germany (Deutsches Theatre, Berlin, Hellerau, Dresden, Deutsche Erstaufführung-Kunstfest Weimar). After Russia began its war on Ukraine, Didenko, who publicly supports Ukraine’s resistance and made pro-peace statements, chose to leave Russia to preserve his artistic and personal freedom. He now lives in Berlin.

Photo: Gio Kardava