Max Andrzejewski

Max Andrzejewski (*1986) is a Berlin-based drummer and composer. His energetic music between jazz, contemporary composition, improvised music and experimental rock has taken him around the world for concerts and commissions for compositions. His music has appeared on numerous albums released on Traumton, Pirouet, Act, Wizmar, Unit, Jazzhaus, nWog and Whyplayjazz. Andrzejewski studied drumming at the MHS Köln and UdK Berlin. In 2013 his band “Max Andrzejewski´s Hütte” won the prestigious Neuen Deutschen Jazzpreis. Their third album, expanded with a 13-member choir, was released April 2017 under the title Max Andrzejewski´s HÜTTE and The Homegrown Organic Gospel Choir. His other band projects include experimental-pop band PRANKE and avant-garde surf band Expressway Sketches, he also plays in bands from Kalle Kalima, Charles Gayle, Elias Stemeseder, Julien Desprez and many more… “ of the most famous drummers in Berlin and beyond” (Tobias Richtsteig). Max is also active as a composer, and in addition to his stand-alone works at venues like the aDevantgarde Festival 2017, he's also composed music for the Thalia Theater Hamburg, Münchner Kammerspiele, Theater Basel, Maxim Gorki Theatre and many more. The play Tyrannis featured Max's music and was invited to the 2016 Theatertreffen. 
“It sounds like Heinrich Schütz took an advanced course with a master of minimal music” (excerpted from the newspaper Der Standard Wien on the music for Orestie at the Thalia Theater Hamburg). Andrzejewski has toured to Azerbaijan, Israel, Russia, Cuba, USA, the Czech Republic, Portugal, Italy, the Netherlands, Egypt, Austria, Serbia, Switzerland, Poland and Qatar.