Kira Lorenza Althaler

Kira Lorenza Althaler was born in Austria in 1988 and has lived in Berlin since 2009. She gained her first stage experience in the children's choir at the Linzer Landetheater. She completed her acting training in Berlin. In "Gender & Ich" she appeared at the Maxim Gorki Theater for the first time. At Ballhaus Naunynstrasse she appeared in productions like "Colored Woman in a White World" by Annabel Gueredrat, "Jetzt bin ich hier" by Simone Dede Ayivi and "Kara Günlü - Die geheimen Tagebücher des Sesperado" directed by Hasan Taşgın & Murat Dikenci. The latter was invited to the 2017 Theatertreffen der Jugend.
She also played Jory in "Geächtet" at the Stadttheater Fürth under the direction of Barish Karademir. With the "Solidaritätsstück" by and with Simone Dede Ayivi she played in 2019 in the Sophiensaele. The last time she was on stage was in Vienna. The play "Lebensmenschen" by Dino Pešut, directed by Isabella Sedlak, was awarded the jury prize of the young talent competition 2019 of the Theater Drachengasse in Vienna and premiered in 2020. Besides theatre, she is enthusiastic about the medium film, in front of and behind the camera, which is why she shot a documentary about black actresses in Berlin.