Kaey was born in Halle an der Saale. After completing her vactional training as a fashion assistant she moved to Berlin at the age of 21 - initially still in the good old tradition of the Phonomimik, also called lipsync. This was fallowed by a private singing- and fashion vocational training parallel to her fashion design studies at the University. In early 2010, she moved to Hamburg to work as an editor at the beauty and modem magazine Tush. Here, she also came in contact with Sybille Berg with whom she conducted a detailed interview on her novel Vielen Dank für das Leben. Despite her everyday job Kaey never turned her back on the stage. She performs regularly with her acoustic band project "Strawberry KaeyK". Since June 2013, she has been living in Berlin again, working as an editor for the queer city magazine Siegessäule. Kaey not only is a singer, presenter, author and fashion - designer, but also a splendid diva and confident trans*woman.