Joana Tischkau

JOANA TISCHKAU, born in Göttingen in 1983, is a choreographer and performer. She has always danced – in youth centres, in hip-hop clubs, in stadiums, at Karneval, in semi-professional contexts and in the dance school around the corner. She received her first formal training later, at Coventry University in the UK, where she completed her bachelor’s studies in acting and dance. In her master’s studies in choreography and performance at the Institute for Applied Theatre Studies in Gießen, she researched how pop-cultural dance practices which are associated with Black culture and attributed to the social space can be woven together with intersectional, feminist, postcolonial theories in an artistic practise. Her artistic practise is a hybrid jumble, in which the writings of bell hooks meet beatboxing, in which a fitness workout is created with white movement material and Roberto Blanco rendered homage as the king of Black German entertainment. Her works have been presented in Künstlerhaus Mousonturm, at the Tanzplattform 2020 in München, in the Dansehallerne in Copenhagen and the Hebbel am Ufer Theater in Berlin. Joana Tischkau lives and works in Frankfurt am Main and Berlin.