Inga Turczyn

Inga Turczyn works as an independent author and documentary filmmaker in Berlin. Together with Elisabeth Steffen and Jana König, she planned and produced the film and exhibition project Mauern 2.0 – Migrantische und antirassistische Perspektiven auf den Mauerfall. Gestern und Heute (Walls 2.0 – Migrant and anti-racist perspectives on the fall of the Berlin Wall. Yesterday and Today), a cinematic re-examination of Can Candan’s auteur film Duvarlar/Mauern/Walls from the 1990s, which was designed to be a physical, updated space for discussing the questions presented in it. The 30-minute »film version« was created as an excerpt of the exhibition project and has been screened together with Candan’s film multiple times. As a filmmaker, Inga Turczyn is currently working for ZDF/ ARTE on full-length documentaries about themes such as democracy, endangered species and discourses about marginalisation.