Hatam & Hani

Farahnaz Hatam was born and raised in Tehran, Iran. She is an experimental musician working with SuperCollider sound synthesis programming environment and also modular synthesisers. She is interested in sound as sculptural material and as a medium in which ideas are communicated.
She lives and works in Berlin where she co-founded N.K., Berlin’s legendary space for the avant-garde and non-mainstream culture. Hatam works currently as a musical director for theater; performs solo, in the Hatam / Hacklander duo, and occasionally as a specialist DJ. 


Hani Mojtahedy is a singer from Sanandaj/Iran, she lives in Berlin since 2004. Her singing combines classical Persian vocalizations with Kurdish lyrics and improvisations. She has released several albums and numerous singles. In 2018, she performed in a production of the Bundesjugendballett from Hamburg and worked with the DJ Ipek Ipekkcioglu, among others.