Hans-Werner Kroesinger

Hans-Werner Kroesinger, born 1962 in Bonn, has worked as an author and director at the Staatstheater Stuttgart, Berliner Ensemble and Theater Augsburg. He is considered to be one of the leading proponents of documentary theatre. In his latest productions, he has tackled the German armaments industry in Exporting War and perspectives on WWI from Istanbul, Sarajevo and Belgrade in Schlachtfeld Erinnerung (Battlefield Memory). At the Gorki, Kroesinger developed the face-to-face performance Wo warst du die letzten 100 Jahre? (Where were you the last 100 years?) as part of the first »Berliner Herbstsalon« and Drei Orte im Sommer (Three Places in Summer) for the HistoryCampus 14/14. In 2015 he adapted Franz Werfel's novel The Forty Days of Musa Dagh for the Gorki stage as part of the It Snows in April event.
As part of the theatre and performance festival »War or Peace« at the Maxim-Gorki Theatre, Hans-Werner Kroesinger developed Kultur Verteidigen (To defend culture), a work about the anti-fascist congress of writers in 1935.