Ferdi Çetin

Writer, dramaturg, lecturer and translator Ferdi Çetin was born in 1988. He studied American Culture and Literature at Istanbul University. He works as a dramaturg and workshop director at GalataPerform and he has been working with emerging playwrights in »New Text New Theatre« Project. In 2011 he got the »Minâ Urgan Story Award« and since then his stories have appeared in different magazines and his first short story collection titled this is how I burnt our house is going to be published by the prestigious publishing house YKY in 2019. In 2012 he founded »ba- interdisciplinary art ensemble« with Yusuf Demirkol and he has been writing performance texts for the ensemble.

Together with Yeşim Özsoy he wrote the play House of Hundred – Yüz Yılın Evi which was performed at the War or Peace Festival in 2018.