Elke von Sivers

Elke von Sivers, born in 1966, studied fashion design at the Weissensee Academy of Art. She began working as a freelance costume designer for film and theatre in 1999. A close collaboration connects her to director Mirko Borscht. She has worked with him at multiple theatres, including those in Hanover and Bremen and at the Gorki, as well as on his film Kombat Sechzehn (Combat 16, 2005). In addition, von Sivers has worked with the directors Felix Rothenhäusler, Moritz Sostmann, Anne Sophie Domenz, Pedro Martins Beja, Bruno Cathomas, Juliane von Sivers and Nurkan Erpulat. She also designed the costumes for the films Torpedo (Director: Helene Hegemann), Was am Ende zählt (Nothing Else Matters, Director: Julia von Heinz), Führer Ex (Director: Winfried Bonengel), Höhere Gewalt (Act of Violence, Director: Lars Henning Jung), Feuchtgebiete (Wetlands) and Er ist wieder da (Look Who's Back, Director: David Wnendt).