Elena Sinanina

Elena Sinanina is a curator and project manager. She lives and works in Berlin.
She was born and raised in Leningrad/ Saint Petersburg, Russia. 1992 emigration to Germany. After studying Theater Studies, German Philology and Psychology, engagements at the Deutsches Theater and the Volksbühne Berlin, where she worked with directors such as Jürgen Gosch, Dimiter Gotscheff, Frank Castorf, Silvia Rieger and with the Youth Theatre P14. Dramaturgical work and literary translations. In addition, activities in the field of exhibition production for various institutions and companies. Conception and realization of interdisciplinary projects between visual and performative art. Development and realization of ritual-based formats and experimental work with hypnosis. 2018 Complete training as a hypnotherapist (clinical hypnosis after Milton H. Erickson). Since 2016 engagement at the Maxim Gorki Theater Berlin, there responsible in the team for the interdisciplinary format »Berliner Herbstsalon«. From 2016-2021, she also worked as an Artistic Assistant to the Artistic Director of the theatre, Shermin Langhoff.